Welcome to the Bharti AXA Life
How do I register for my account?

You can register in 3 simple steps: • Complete online registration form by filling your policy details. • Enter you e-mail id as your log-in id and select your security question. • Receive an e-mail with your interim password for account log-in.

If I am unable to register, what should I do?

You can call our customer care toll free at 1800 102 4444 from any network

Can I register for e-service if my policy is lapsed?

Yes, you can register for e-service even if your policy is lapsed.

Do I have to register separately for all my policies?

No. Generally all your policies will be displayed when you register using any policy number as all your policies are linked to a single customer id. However, there could be an instance where one of your policies has a different customer id and may not be displayed. In this case you will have to add that policy to this account using the “Add Policy” option from the “My profile” section.

Can I register for e-service if my policy is assigned?

No. In case of policy assignment, assignor cannot register for e-service. However, the assignee can register this service by calling our customer care at 1800 102 4444 (toll free from all networks)

How can I retrieve my password, in case I have forgotten my password?

In case you forget your password, you can retrieve it by using the the forgot password option available on the log-in page. You just need to enter either your user id or policy number, date of birth and answer the secret question selected by you during registration. A new temporary password will be e-mailed to you, which we recommend you change after you log-in.

What do I do if I forget my user id?

The user id is your email id which you have given during the e-service registration. In case you forget your user id, you can call our customer care

What transactions can I do from my e-service account?

The e-service account offers you the convenience to manage your policy online. Fund switch, premium redirection, top-up and renewal premium payment, mode/ method change request, address change, contact details updation are some of the facilities available online.

Is this service free or will I be charged for it?

The e-service is free value added facility and there will no charge for any transaction made via this account unless the transaction is to be charged as per the policy feature. For example, in case you exceed the number of free fund switches allowed per year, the charge as mentioned in the policy bond will be applicable.

In case I need information or help regarding services other than those available at the e-service portal, can I raise the same through my e-service account?

Yes, by selecting ""Raise service request"" option in the ""Service Request"" section, you can provide details of the request in the remarks section and we will revert to you within the defined timelines. Please note that the response for such requests will reach you from our service e-mail id, service@bharti-axalife.com

Will change in the e-mail address change my user id?

No, your user id will remain the same that was provided at the time of registration. However you will have to update your e-mail id in the contact details section to receive communications at the new e-mail id. In case you wish to change your user id, you need to first block your account by calling our customer care and then register again at the e-service portal.

When can my account get locked?

In case you enter wrong passwords 3 consecutive times, or attempt to change your password more than 5 times in a day your account will be locked and you will not be able to login to your account. To reset your password you need to call our customer care.

How can I place request for change in mode to monthly or quarterly mode?

ECS (Electroinic Clearance Service) or Standing Instruction to Credit Card payment methods are mandatory for monthly and quarterly mode. Additional mandate/ authorisation form needs to be submitted along with cancelled cheque (and recent bank statement in case of non personalised cheque) for ECS or photocopy of front side of credit card with expiry date beyond three months for standing instructions to credit card are requiredto be submitted at our branch office. Hence you will have to visit a Bharti AXA Life branch for such requests as the same cannot be catered to online.

I have paid my renewal premium before the premium due date but the payment is still not updated on my policy?

Payment received prior to the premium due date is accounted as an advance and appropriated towards the policy on premium due date. The same will reflect in the Payment Summary of the policy on the premium due date.

Can I provide address proof in name of my parent?

Address proof in name of immediate family members (i.e. spouse, parent, sibling, children) is acceptable. However, declaration of relationship should be submitted along with the address proof.

I have placed request for fund switch today and want to place a mode change request as well but am unable to do so.

Only one financial request can be raised in a day except for fund switch and premium redirection which can be raised on the same day.

How much in advance can I pay premium on the policy?

You can pay premium up to 60 days in advance but it shall be appropriated towards your policy on the premium due date only.

I have paid premium by cheque but it is still not updated on my policy?

In case of local cheques, the amount is appropriated towards your policy when the cheque is received. However in case of advance premium payment, it shall be appropriated towards your policy on the premium due date only. If you have made a premium payment via an outstation cheque, the amount will be credited to your policy when the clearance is received or on the policy due date which ever is later.

Who is eligible to use the online payment service?

This service is available to all Bharti AXA Life policy holders for payment of their premiums. You need to have a valid credit card or an online banking account to make payment.

Are my transactions safe?

The security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information is of vital importance to us. You are provided with best-in-class security standards when it comes to using the online premium payment service so that all transactions done are safe. The Online Pay service is brought to you by Bharti Life Insurance Co. Ltd. in association with BillDesk, the leader in electronic bill presentment and payment services in India. BillDesk uses 128-bit SSL technology to protect customers from unauthorized tampering or viewing of their account and billing information. Using SSL ensures that the information you exchange with BillDesk is never transmitted over the Internet unencrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals. Your data resides behind physical firewall that is configured to receive and process requests only from authorized personnel. BillDesk is also certified by Verisign Inc, one of the leading certifying authorities for website security.

Can I opt for accumulator option once it has been deactivated ?

No, you cannot opt for accumulator option once it has been deactivated on request.

Where can I view top-up payment on my online account?

Once you receive confirmation that the top up premium request been processed, you can generate FTN to view the top up payment towards the policy.

Can I make top up premium payment and then pay the due premium on the policy?

You can pay top up upto 3 days prior to the premium due date. After this you need to pay the due premium first and then top up premium payment can be made.

I have registered my policy but I am unable to view it?

Only Inforce and lapse policy status can be viewed online. Please call the customer care to know your policy status.

For which products, mode change is not allowed?

Mode change is not allowed for Bright Stars, Merit Plus, Guarantee Builder and Spot Guarantee Builder products.

What is the cut-off time for Fund Switch request?

Requests received before 3 pm will be processed on the same day. In case the request is received after 3 pm, the same will be processed on the next day and the next unit price declared date will be applied.

Can I switch out of "Build N Protect " fund ?

You can switch out of "Build N Protect " fund after completion of 1 policy year. However, you need switch out of "Build N Protect " fund and then place premium rediection request such that future premiums are not allocated to "Build N Protect " fund but to a new fund. Once you opt out of this fund, you cannot opt the same fund in future and the guarantee maturity value will not be applicable.

Can I pay premium or top up after opting for premium holday?

You cannnot pay premium or top up after opting for premium holday

I have opted for ECS as payment method. When will ECS debit happen?

Policies on ECS/ standing instruction to credit card will be debited on the 9th of the premium due month.

My policy is on semi-annual mode with payment method as cash/cheque. How can I change in to ECS?

"You can request for a change in payment method by submitting the below mentioned documents in original at any Bharti AXA Life branch: - For ECS (Electronic Clearance Service), ECS mandate along with personalised cancelled cheque, or non-personalised cancelled cheque with last 3 months' bank statement - For standing instructions to credit card, Credit Card Authorisation Form with photocopy of front side of credit card with expiry date beyond three months "

What is the difference between fund switch and premium redirection?

Fund switch is a facility to shift the existing investment under your unit-linked policy into another investment fund(s) offered in the underlying product without a change in future premium allocation. So, premiums received in future shall continue to be allotted to the existing investment fund(s). Premium redirection is the facility enabling the policyholder to change the investment pattern from the existing fund(s) to any other fund(s) offered under the underlying product for all future premiums received. The existing investment will not be impacted.

How can I reinstate my policy?

You can reinstate the policy by paying the unpaid premiums online. In case your policy has been lapsed for more than 180 days, you cannot reinstate your policy online. Please visit the Reinstatement Calculator section under Tools in online account to know the amount and exact requirements and visit your nearest branch to submit these requirements.